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8:30             Welcome coffee 


9:15              Start of symposium – Opening words by Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters, MD (UZA & UAntwerpen, BE) 


SESSION 1: Platforms Powering Precision Oncology - Part I


9:25              Keynote speaker 1: Prof. Dr. Daniela Thommen, MD (Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL)  

                        “Dissecting and rewiring antitumor immunity in human cancers”  


10:05            Invited speaker 1: Prof. Dr. Christophe Deben (UAntwerpen, BE)  

                        “Patient-derived organoids in precision medicine”  


10:25            Invited speaker 2: Prof. Dr. Pieter Mestdagh (Ghent University, BE)  

                        “Use of cell-free RNA for screening and monitoring of cancer patients”  


10:45            Coffee break 

SESSION 2: The Molecular Mosaic of Cancer 


11:10               Selected abstract 1: Manon Desgres (UCLouvain)

                         “Metabolic adaptation towards glycolysis supports resistance to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in early triple negative                                      breast cancer”

11:25             Selected abstract 2: Jan-Lars Van Den Bossche (VUB) 

                        “Spatial transcriptomic analysis reveals PTGES as a conserved potential therapeutic target for basal cells in Pancreatic                             Ductal Adenocarcinoma”


11:40            Invited speaker 3: Prof. Dr. Abhishek Garg (KU Leuven, BE)  

                        “Multi-omics and spatial mapping in cancer patients for precision immunotherapy”  

12:00            Invited speaker 4: Prof. Dr. Christos Sotiriou, MD (Jules Bordet Institute, BE)  

                        “No more triple negative breast cancer: molecular classification and personalised therapy”  

12:20            Lunch talk by Caroline Rosseel (ThermoFisher Scientific) 

                        “Empowering Precision Oncology: Unleashing the Potential of fast NGS”


12:20            Lunch + Poster session 

SESSION 3: Precision Medicine in Practice 


14:00            Selected abstract 3: Sofie Seghers (UAntwerpen) 

                        “Malignant effusions as a robust source for the generation of patient- derived tumor organoids”

14:15             Selected abstract 4: Joline Ingels (UGent) 

                       “Clinical development of individualized neoantigen-targeted vaccines for lung cancer patients”


14:30            Invited speaker 5: Prof. Dr. Karine Breckpot (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE)  

                        “Synthetic DNA templates: a versatile platform to improve RNA vaccines”  


14:50            Invited speaker 6: Prof. Dr. Marc Van den Eynde, MD (UC Louvain, BE)  

                        “Precision medicine in digestive oncology: what is useful for the clinician”  


15:10             Coffee break 

SESSION 4:  Platforms Powering Precision Oncology - Part II

15:40            Selected abstract 5: Yoline Lauwers (VUB) 

                         “The use of a CD163-specific nanobody-based immunotracer as a molecular imaging agent to study immunosuppressive                            tumor- associated macrophages”

15:55            Selected abstract 6: Laura Corveleyn (UGent) 

                        “Histone post-translational modifications as determinants for epidrug outcome in T-ALL”

16:10             Keynote speaker 2: Prof. Dr. Nelson Dusetti (Cancer Research Center Marseille, FR) 

                        “Personalizing Pancreatic Cancer Treatments”  


16:50            Closing words + Award ceremony 


17:00            Network reception 


18:00            End of symposium

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